Message from the President

With "questing minds," we perceive society's needs and help create a better future.

Founded in 1935 as a brush manufacturing company, KOWA Inc. has since grown into a comprehensive brush manufacturer developing and producing brushes for industrial and household use. I would like to express my sincere thanks for your understanding and support in our endeavor.

Our mission is to "be useful to the world with questing minds."
What we mean by "quest" rather than "search" is that we are not merely looking around for things, but rather we deeply explore their true nature and ideal state. This is born of our desire to provide truly valuable things.

Unbound by fixed notions, we enjoy the quest and welcome new approaches to manufacturing.
We aim to make Kowa a company where each and every employee can maintain this spirit while continuing to take on challenges, grow and develop, and contribute to society.

The economic environment surrounding businesses today remains severe.
To overcome these difficult times, we will rely yet further on our "questing minds" as we progress towards our goal of being a company that our society relies on.
Thank you for your continued support.

President and CEONaoki Hattori

Philosophy and Vision

〈Founding Philosophy〉

Spirit of Harmony and Service

〈Management Vision〉

Being Useful to the World with Questing Minds

〈Code of Conduct〉

  • Understand basic principles and rules and enjoy the quest without being bound by fixed ideas.
  • Visualize and share images of success and act with a fearless spirit.
  • Develop our customers, embody the customers' needs, and remain customer-oriented.
  • Grasp your own abilities and hone your skills without compromise.
  • Act first. After trying something out, think about it.